Plant Biotechnology

College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences


What is Plant Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is part of our daily lives. It's used to develop nutritionally enhanced foods, enable sustainable agricultural production, and engineer plants for industrial and medical purposes.

The Plant Biotechnology major provides an interdisciplinary curriculum. It integrates the science and practice of crop production through courses in

  • molecular biology,
  • genetics and genomics,
  • biochemistry,
  • plant protection,
  • and data analysis.

The program also offers many opportunities to take part in research and internships.

This curriculum prepares students for careers in biotechnology or graduate and professional schools. Our students pursue employment in scientific research or biotechnology enterprise fields. These include science policy, patent law, and business development.

Career Options

  • Biotechnology
  • Consulting
  • Crop & food production
  • Medicine
  • Plant breeding & genetics
  • Urban agriculture & horticulture
  • Research
  • Weed sciences

Post-Graduation Success1

Insufficient survey data is available for employment information.

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Sample grad school destinations: Insufficient survey data is available for sample grad school destinations.

Graduation & Retention2

Years to degree: N/A

Freshman retention rate: N/A

Four-year graduation rate: N/A

Six-year graduation rate: N/A

Annual Program Costs

Illinois Resident

  • Tuition: $13,550
  • Fees: $4,612
  • Expenses3: $16,194
  • Total: $34,356


  • Tuition: $31,000
  • Fees: $4,612
  • Expenses3: $16,534
  • Total: $52,146


  • Tuition: $31,890
  • Fees: $4,612
  • Expenses3: $16,534
  • Total: $53,036