Computer Science & Chemistry


What is Computer Science & Chemistry?

This is a flexible, interdisciplinary program for students who plan to pursue technical or professional careers in Chemistry requiring a strong grounding in Computer Science. Technology continues to enhance and change the study of chemistry. Through the combination of these two programs, your chemistry education will be enhanced by an advanced understanding of computer applications and new technologies. You’ll be specially equipped to calculate structures and properties of molecules and design new drugs and materials. These studies will help you make more efficient and productive processes, identify new compounds, and study the fundamental properties of atoms, molecules, and chemical reactions, resulting in safer and more effective medicines and energies.

Career Options

  • Chemical analysis
  • Chemical sales
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Research

Post-Graduation Success1

Insufficient survey data is available for employment information.

Insufficient survey data is available for grad school attendance.

Insufficient survey data is available for average starting annual income.

Sample employer destinations: Salesforce.com

Academic Profile Middle 50% 2

31 - 35 ACT Score

1400 - 1490 SAT Score

3.65 - 3.96 High School GPA

Annual Program Costs

Illinois Resident

  • Tuition: $17,040
  • Fees: $4,174
  • Expenses3: $15,180
  • Total: $36,394


  • Tuition: $34,182
  • Fees: $4,174
  • Expenses3: $15,520
  • Total: $53,876


  • Tuition: $39,400
  • Fees: $4,174
  • Expenses3: $15,520
  • Total: $59,094